Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trip to Lometa and Brady, Texas

A Gulf, Colorado, & San Saba train sits idle at the BNSF interchange in Lometa, Texas on Sunday morning December 23, 2012.  

Santa Fe Signals and Glass insulators along the BNSF tracks between Lampasas and Lometa, Texas

Bridge on US HWY 190 Crossing the Colorado River

San Saba county Texas courthouse.  San Saba, TX

Hopper Cars Parked on the Gulf, Colorado, & San Saba Railroad in San Saba, Texas. 

The US Hwy Crossing on the San Saba River.  Cars from a derailment that occured earlier in 2012 on the Gulf, Colorado, & San Saba Railroad still sit on the ground under the bridge

The Gulf, Colorado, & San Saba Railroad in Richland Springs, Texas

Downtown Richland Springs, Texas

Brady, Texas Santa Fe Depot

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